Building History

This building has been used for four different businesses since 1922. It was first a car dealership. The main dance hall is where the cars were stored. It was later an industrial laundry. The floor was slightly sloped to the middle for the water drainage. Because of this, we floated the dance floor; that is what gives the dance floor the smooth spring it has.  After the laundry, my father ran his business out of the building. Roy L Smith ran a theatre wholesale business out this location for over 40 years, where he made his own popcorn, roasted his own peanuts and made snow cone and fountain syrups. He at one time sold everything that went into a movie theater, from the carpet to the movie screens. His brand was ROYL. After my father passed, my mother and I gutted the warehouse, replaced the electrical completely, refurbished the plumbing, built new bathrooms, and a stage and bar were added. We also had 20 tons of Air Conditioning installed. We left much of the original building architectural charm alone, other than painting the ceiling and pressure washing the walls, it remains as it was.